World on Fire played in ukulele can be one of the best song you loved. Not only hearing the music but you can play “World on Fire by Golden State” using ukulele too. Yes .. this music by may also be played by that device. But, first thing, you need to know its ukulele chords.

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“World on Fire” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Division (2011)” album.

World on Fire by Golden State ukulele Chords


“World On Fire” by Golden State
From the album “Division”


Tabbed by: Aaron Field
Email: [email protected]

Tuning is EADGBd, drop high E to D

Chords used:

[D] [Dsus2/B] [G] [G/F#] [Bm] [A]


Listen to the CD for strumming patterns


D|----0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0---0---0---0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0---0---0--| x4

[D]Hey, when the world’s on [Dsus2/B]fire
I be[G]lieve in you[G/F#]
[D]Hey, when the world’s on [Dsus2/B]fire
I be[G]lieve in you[G/F#]

Verse 1: D – G – G/F#

[D]Hey, when the world’s on fire
I be[G]lieve in you
We can’t just [D]disappear
Disappear without a [G]trace
And [D]when the fire burns out
And there’s [G]me and you
We’re getting [D]closer now
Closer than you’d be[G]lieve
But the truth is still out of [D]reach

D – Dsus2/B – G – G/F# (x2)

Verse 2:

[D]Hey when the world’s on fire
And it’s [G]me and you
Seems like a[D] different faith
A world that seems out of [G]place
[D]When these arms reach out
I’ll em[G]brace you
Don’t feel like a[D] prisoner
A prison without a [G]cage
You’re the only thing I can [Bm]take

Chorus 1:

[Bm]It’s a long way[A] down from [G]here

Verse 3:

[D]When the world’s on fire
What [G]can we do?
I can’t sur[D]render now
But surrender falls out of [G]grace
And [D]when you see this boat
With the [G]golden rule
Don’t let it[D] disappear
Disappear without a [G]trace
Like a man who’s lost at [Bm]sea

Chorus 2:

[Bm]It’s a long way[A] down from [G]here
A [G]million miles are closer than you t[D]hink

Solo: D – Dsus2/B – G – G/F# (x2)


[D]Hey, when the world’s on fire

I believe in you

If you wanna be master of Golden State World on Fire ukulele chords, the most important basic ukulele chords to know are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a ton of musics, and each of them is easy to learn.

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