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“Wonderful Savior” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “The World Can Wait” album.

Wonderful Savior by Merchant Band ukulele Chords

I bring a sacrif[A]ice of praise[Amaj7]
[F#m]With all my heart my hands to You I raise
And I [D]say what a w[E]onderful savior You [F#m]are[C#m]
[A]A song of love I [Amaj7]bring,
[F#m]With simple words and a simple melody
A[D]nd I say w[E]hat a wonderful Savior [F#m]You ar[C#m]e

All I[F#m] am is because of Yo[E]u
Is because of Your [Bm]blood
All I[F#m] am is because of Yo[E]u
Is because of Your [Bm]blood[D][E]

Wonderful [A]Savio[C#m]r, beau[D]tiful God
Intimate[A] Make[C#m]r, I give You my love

[A]In sacrifice You came f[Amaj7]or me
[F#m]Became a man and You died upon a tree
And I [D]say what a w[E]onderful Savior You [F#m]are[C#m]
[A]Risen Lord, Most [Amaj7]High King
[F#m]Coming with the clouds, and every eye will see
A[D]nd I say w[E]hat a wonderful Savior [F#m]You ar[C#m]e

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