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We Are The Others by Delain ukulele Chords

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Delain — We are the Others

Intro: G Em C D…
We are the others…..

[Em]I’m walking with Sophie [C]tonight,
She [G]lives in the air that I [B]breathe;
[Em]I can’t get it out of my [C]mind
[Bm]How you were left to [(C)]bleed…
Was it [Em]how you dressed?
Or [C]how you act?
I c[G]an’t believe
How [Bm]they could act so [Em]violently,
Wit[C]hout regret,
Well, [G]we will not for[D]get…

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We are the [Em]others,
We are the [C]cast outs,
We’re the [D]outsiders
But you can’t [Bm]hide us,
We are the [Em]others,
We are the [C]cast outs
You’re no [G]longer on [Bm]your own
If you [C]feel mistreated,
[Em]Torn and cheated,
[G]You’re not al[Bm]one,
We are the [C]others

(We are the others)

[Em]As simple as air in your [C]lungs,
As [G]simple as words on your [B]lips,
[Em]And no one should take that [C]away,
[Bm]No one should argue [(C)]this
Now with [Em]our heads up high,
We’ll [C]carry on,
And [G]carry out,
And [Bm]we won’t let them [Em]get us down,
[C]Wear us out,
‘Cause [G]we are not a[D]lone…


[Em] [G] [A]
Normal is [Em]not the norm,
[Em] [G] It’s just a [A]uniform…

(We are the others)
[Em] [G] Forget a[A]bout the norm,

(We’re the outsiders)
[Em] [G] Take off your [A]uniform,

(We are the others)
[Em] [G] We are all b[A]eautiful, [D]

(We are the others)

We are the others,
We are the [Em]others.

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