Wave Goodbye played in ukulele maybe one of your loved song. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “Wave Goodbye by Chris Cornell” using ukulele too. Yes .. this music by may also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you need to know its ukulele chords.

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“Wave Goodbye” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Euphoria Mourning (1999)” album.

Wave Goodbye by Chris Cornell ukulele Chords

[A] [D7] [C#7] [C7] [F#] [G] [Bm7]
[F#m] [B] [A] [F#m] [F#m] [B] [A] [F#m]
[A7]Words get tangled on your tongue
And you [C#7]stumble on your [B7]feet[C#7]
When you [F#m]miss somebody[B][A][F#m]
And [A7]everywhere you think you see them
[C#7] Walking down the st[B7]reet[C#7]
When you [F#m]miss somebo[A/E]dy[B7]
When you [D7]miss somebody
[D#dim7] You tell yourself a hu[A7]ndred th[A/G#]ousand t[F#m]imes[F#m/E]
[B7]Nobody ever lives forever
So you [Dm]give it one more [E7]try
To wave [Bm7]goodbye,[G7] wave goo[A]dbye

[D7] [C#7] [C7] [F#] [G] [Bm7] [F#m] [B] [A] [F#m] [F#m][B][A][F#m]
[A7]Every hurtful thing you ever [C#7]said
Is ringing [B7]in your ear
When you [F#m]miss somebody[B][A][F#m]
And [A7]everything of beauty that you [C#7]see
Only [B7]brings a [C#7]tear
When you [F#m]miss somebo[A/E]dy[B7]
When you [D7]miss somebody
[D#dim7] You tell yourself e[A]verythi[A/G#]ng will be al[F#m]right[F#m/E]
[B7] Try to stand up strong and brave
When all you [Dm6]want to do is [E7]lay down and die
[F#m] How long I’ve w[C#7]aited for an [D]answer or a [D6]sign
[A] Lonely and w[C#7]eary from
The t[D]roubled task of [F]trying
To wave [Bm7]goodbye

So [A7]now you start to recognize
That[C#7] every single [B7]path you s[C#7]ee
[F#m] Leads to a [A/E]tear in your [B7]eye
So wave [G7]goodbye,[E7] wave good[F#m]bye[A/E]
Wave good[Dm]bye, [E7] wave good[A7]bye [D7] [C#7] [C7] [F#][G][Bm7][F#m]

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