Wallflower in ukulele acoustic version can be one of your loved song. Not only enjoying the song but you can play “Wallflower by Priscilla Ahn” using ukulele too. Yeah .. this music by may also be played by that device. But, before that, you must know its ukulele chords.

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Yups, ukulele is not easy to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it. The more you practice, the smooth ukulele will feel to play the music.

“Wallflower” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “A Good Day (2008)” album.

Wallflower by Priscilla Ahn ukulele Chords

(A Good Day – 2008)

Em |021000|
Em7 |022030|
Em |022020|

Capo +1

Intro: G Bm F C (x2)

[G]Do you [Bm]see, [F]standing there [C]in the corner
I [G]was a[Bm]lone, I [F]always am at [C]these big parties
[G]Watching [Bm]you [F]watching [C]everybody
[G]Wishing I was [Bm]more outgoing
[F]Wishing I was [C]just a pretty

[G]Wallfl[Bm]ower, [Em]I’m not here, [D]no one sees me
[G]Wallf[Bm]lower, I’m [Em]by myself, [D]please excuse [G]me[Bm][F][C]

[G] [Bm] [F] [C]

But [G]there you [Bm]were, [F]standing in your [C]own corner
Your [G]eyes were [Bm]wide, [F]tired, fading [C]just like mine
[G]We co[Bm]uld be the [F]best of friends I’m [C]sure of it
But [G]I’m too s[Bm]hy to [F]cross this crowded [C]room besides

[G]Wallfl[Bm]ower, [Em]I’m not here, [D]no one sees me
[G]Wallf[Bm]lower, I’m [Em]by myself, [D]please excuse [D7]me

Em Em Em7 Em C
Help me leave this corner of the room
I’m [B7]reaching out to you
Em Em Em7 Em C
Cause I’ve got things I could talk to you about
[Cm] We could be

[G]Wall[B7]flower [Em]friends [C]to the end (2x)
I[Cm]’m sure of it

[G]Wallfl[Bm]owers, [Em]we’re not here, [D]no one sees us
[G]Wallfl[Bm]owers, [Em]we’re together, [D]please excuse [G]us

Outro: G Dsus4/F# Em7 Dsus4 Cadd9 D G

If you wanna learn Priscilla Ahn Wallflower ukulele chords, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a a lot of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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