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“Vices” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Vices (2006)” album.

Vices by Dead Poetic Guitar Chords

[Am]Feeling cold, fe[F]eling empty. Set the[C] stage, where you w[G]ant me.
[Am]And this crowd righ[F]t before me doesn?t [C]care that I?m dying[G].
[Am]And the audience stands[F] with thei[C]r eyes fixed on the preconceive[G]d version of me.
[Am]I?m so betrayed by your ho[F]pes, but I will not[C] hide mys[G]elf for your peace of mind.

Chorus 1:

[Am]Oh, but Child. I[F]?ve got Vices like a[C]ny other man.

Verse2: (same Chords as verse 1)

Raise a boy to a cynic. Take his love, and then let it turn into something passionate.
Something sick, something rabid.
And I vent to keep myself from caving. I don?t hate you, I just hate where I?m heading.
I?m left here asking, when did I trade in my bleeding heart for a selfish win?

Chorus 2:

[Am]Oh, but Mother. [F]I?ve got Vices like [C]any other man.
[Am]Vices that you?[F]re not used to. Vic[C]es that?l[G]l make you think less of me.

Verse 3:

Leave me numb. Leave me jaded. She?s a dream, I just play dead.
I?ve been blessed, I?ve been hated. She?s the constant, and I?m her addict.
She?s the only peace in this world, uneasy.
While I bite my tongue to keep from breaking the heart that I?ve spent my whole life seeking.
The only heart I?ve ever needed.

Chorus 3:

[Am]Oh, but Lover. I?ve got Vi[F]ces like any other [C]man.[G]
[Am]Vices that you?re not used[F] to. Vi[C]ces that?ll[G] make you think…
[Am]Oh, but Lover. I?ve got Vi[F]ces like any other [C]man.[G]
[Am]Vices that you?re not used[F] to. Vic[C]es that?ll [G]make you think less of me. Less of me.

Verse 4:

Feeling cold, feeling empty. I am low, unworthy.
Bleed the God. Bleed the blessing. Like a vulture feasting.
I?ll exist as if I don?t feel conviction of my ignorance to my perfect prison.
But I feel the stabs on my wrists and ankles every time I try…
To forget [Am]you. [F]
To forget y[C]ou.[G]

Chorus 4

[Am]Oh, but Jesus. I?ve got Vi[F]ces like any o[C]ther man.[G]
[Am]Vices that you?re s[F]o used to. Vice[C]s that won?t [G]make you think less of m[Am]e.

If you wanna be master of Dead Poetic Vices guitar chords, you should to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is perfectly based on its major counterpart.

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