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“Three Balloons and a Trapdoor” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Bionic (1996)” album.

Three Balloons and a Trapdoor by Sandbox ukulele Chords

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:17:20 -0600
From: Adam Pigeon
Subject: s/sandbox/

Three Balloons and a Trapdoor
By SANDBOX — From: Bionic

Hey everyone! This is my first tab and I’m proud of it. I figured
this song out a few years ago after I saw Sandbox live when they
were on tour with the Barenaked Ladies… Saw that this wasn’t up
on the OLGA so I figured this song would be a good place to start
my tab writing 😉
Zakias[Adam Pigeon]



E ---------------------
B --3-----3---3---3----
G -----2------------0--
D --0------------------ Do this three times
A ------------3--------
E ---------------------
E --------------------- ----------------------
B --3-----3---3---3---- --3---3-----3---3-----
G -----2------------0-- --------0----------0--
D --0------------------ ---------------------- Do this once then repeat
A ------------3-------- --2---------3--------- the whole riff as needed
E --------------------- ----------------------

ppull off string

E ------------------ ---------------- ------------- ----------------
B --6-----8/10---6-- --6------8--L6-- ----------5-- ------------3---
G -----0------------ -----0---------- --------5---- ---------0------
D --0--------------- --0------------- -----0------- ------0---------
A ------------------ ---------------- --5---------- ---3------------
E ------------------ ---------------- ------------- ----------------

Do it again except sub in this for the last bar:

E ------

[B] [—3–]

G ------
D ------ Nothing too complex here.... ;)

[A] [—3–]

E ------

Now I know this isn’t the way the band does it on the album but this is
as good as I could figure out… What can I say?!
(sounds good though!)

Chords: Dm, F, C, G

[Dm]Angels never [F]show you trapdoors
[C] But they don’t [G]lie
[Dm]Angels never [F]show you trapdoors
[C] Until illusions [G]die away

E --------------------- ---------------------
B ---3-----3--3---3---- --3---3--3----3------ Do this twice
G ------2------------0- ------------------0-- before going to
D ---0--------3-------- --2--h3-------------- next verse.
A --------------------- ---------3-----------
E --------------------- ---------------------


[riff one]
There’s a feeling I’ve been misplaced
But my soul is safely riding three balloons
Here’s a shelter of the magic kind
Where falseness is a passion you won’t find

[riff two]
I’m breathing fog but I don’t mind
My body has no sense of time
I’m hearing sounds I can’t explain
All I can do is fly away

[riff one]
Can a vision fall short of dreams
There’s a downy angel crouching at my feet
Illusions fill my sleeping head and
Dreams fade like a runway strip on fire

[riff three]
Angels never show you trapdoors
But they don’t lie
Angels never show you trapdoors
Until illusions die away

[riff one]
A Sunday smile falls from my face
I can’t persuade in worlds I cannot stay
Gracious blood flows through my veins
But my soul would favor riding three balloons

[riff two]
A fearless space of touch and time
Where everything is genuine
My fingers grasp but I can’t stay
All I can do is fly away…

If you wanna be master of Sandbox Three Balloons and a Trapdoor ukulele chords, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to know are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a a lot of musics, and each of them is easy to master.

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