The Truth Untold played in ukulele might be one of your liked song. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “The Truth Untold by ” using ukulele too. Yup .. this song by may also be played by that device. But, first thing, you need to know its ukulele chords.

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“The Truth Untold” ukulele chords has Ballade rhythm and included in “” album.

The Truth Untold by ukulele Chords

[C#m]weroumi gadeukhi
[G#m]pieoitneun i garden
[E]i moraeseonge [F#m7]nan nal maeeosseo [A]
[C#m]neoye ireumeun mwonji
[G#m]gal goshi itgin hanji
[A]Oh could you tell me?
[E]i jeongwone [F#m7]sumeodeun neol bwasseo [A]
And I [A]know
neoye [C#m]ongin [Bsus4]modu da jinjjaran geol
[B]pureun kkocheul kkeokkneun son
[A]jabgo [C#m]sipji [Bsus4]man [B]
ĐK1: nae unmyeongin geol [E]
Don’t smile on me [G#7]
Light on me [A]
neoege da [A6]gaseol su eopseunik [E]ka
naegen bulleo [G#7]jul ireumi eopseo [A]
You know that I can’t [E]
show you Me [G#7]
give you Me [A]
chorahan mo [A6]seub boyeojul sun eop [C#m7]seo
tto gamyeoneul sseu [G#m7]go neol mannareo [A]ga
But [Aadd9]I still want you
[C#m]weroume jeongwon [G#m]ne
pin neoreul dalmeun [A]kkot
jugo sipeotji
[E]babo gateun [F#m7]gamyeoneul beotgoseo [A]
But I [A]know
yeong [C#m]weonhi [Bsus4]geureol suneun eopneun geol
[B]sumeoyaman haneun geol
[A]chuhan [C#m]nanik [Bsus4]ka [B]
ĐK2: nan duryeoun geol [E]
chorahae [G#7]
I’m so afraid [A]
gyeolgugen neodo [A6]nal tto tteonabeorilk [E]ka
tto gamyeoneul sseu [G#7]go neol mannareo [A]ga
hal su itneun geon [E]
jeongwone [G#7]
i sesange [A]
yeppeun neoreul [A6]dalmeun kkocheul piun [C#m7]daeum
niga aneun [G#m7]naro sumshwineun [A]geot
But [Aadd9]I still want you [C#m7] [G#m7]ooh~ [A]ooh~
I still want you [C#m7] [G#m7] [A]
ĐK3: eojjeomyeon geuttae [E]
jogeumman [G#7]
imankeumman [A]
yonggil naeseo [A6]neoye ape seotteora [E]myeon
jigeum modeun [G#7]geon dallajyeosseulk [A]ka
nan ulgo isseo [E]
sarajin [G#7]
muneojin [A]
hollo namgyeo [A6]jin i moraeseonge [C#m7]seo
buseojin gamyeo [G#m7]neul barabomyeonseo [A]
And [Aadd9]I still want you
[E]~ [G#7]~ [A]~ But I still want you
[E]~ [G#7]~ [A]~ But I still want you
[C#m7]~ [G#m7]~ [A]~ And I still want you

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