The Suburbs played in guitar might be one of the best song you liked. Not only hearing the song but you can play “The Suburbs by Arcade Fire” using guitar too. Yes .. this song by can also be played by that device. But, before that, you need to understand its guitar chords.

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Yeah,Ya, guitar is not easy to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it. The more you practice, the simple guitar will feel to play that song.

“The Suburbs” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “The Suburbs (2010)” album.

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire Guitar Chords

Song: The Suburbs
Album: The Suburbs

I am filling in the rest. I have not seen this closely enough at the show to say
for sure, but you need either 2 guitars or a guitar and piano.
Since there are already lyrical accompaniment versions, I am providing the basic
order/song structure.

Guitar 1 – Capo 2
Guitar 2 – No capo

Intro: C Am E G

Verse 1


[C] In the suburbs [Am]I, [E] I learned to[G] drive
And you [C]told me we?d never sur[Am]vive,[E] grab your mother?s [G]keys we?re leaving

[C] [Am] [E] [G]
[C] You always seemed so [Am]sure,[E] That one [G]day we?d be fighting
[C] In a suburban[Am] war,[E] your part of [G]town against mine
I saw you [C]standing on the opposite [Am]shore, but by the [E]time the[G] first bombs fell
[C]We were already [Am]bored,[E] We were already, [G]already bored

Chorus 1


Play it like this if you wish to remain at capo 2

[C] Sometimes I [Am]can?t believe it,[E] I?m moving [D]past the feeling
[C] Sometimes I [Am]can?t believe it,[E] I?m moving [D]past the feeling [C]again[Am][E][G]

Chorus 1 Alternate
Guitar 2 / Piano – No capo (sounds correct)


[A] Sometimes I [Bm]can?t believe it,[F#] I?m moving p[E]ast the feeling
[A] Sometimes I [Bm]can?t believe it,[F#] I?m moving p[E]ast the feeling a[A]gain[Bm][F#][E]

Accompany 1
Guitar 2 with variation




Solo 1 (2:27) Repeat x2
Guitar 1 (capo 2)


or…play it like this, a bit harder but the slides sound more accurate.




Accompany 1 (3:56) Repeat until end

Outro – Guitar 1


[E] I’m moving [D]past the feeling [C]again[Am]
[E] I’m moving [D]past the feeling [C]again[Am]

C Am E G x2

In my [G]dreams we’re still [C]screaming[Am][E]
[G] We’re still screaming[C][Am][E]
[G] We’re still screaming[C][Am][E]

C Am E G x2
Solo 1 (4:37) Repeat x 4. On the 4th, do not play the last 2 notes.


If you wanna be master of Arcade Fire The Suburbs guitar chords, you need to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just lack tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is fully based on its major counterpart.

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