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“The Death of Jimmy Martin” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Wounded Heart of America (Tom Russell Songs) (2007)” album.

The Death of Jimmy Martin by Tom Russell Guitar Chords

By Tom Russell

There’s a [D]hound dog running all alone through the [Bm]piney woods
Lord his [G]howlin’ tears the soul out of [D]me
There’s a [D]jay bird calling up a funeral [Bm]dirge
In [G]ancient harmon[D]y
Barb’ry [Bm]Allen rolled over in a [G]grave all morning
With [D]roses growing [G]out of her [A]head
Hey, [D]God’s gonna [G]burn down [D]Nashville, boys
[G]Cause Jimmy Martin’s [D]dead
Ah, the [D]great Jimmy [A]Martin’s gone [D]dead

You got [D]twenty twenty [G]vision but you’re [D]walkin’ ’round blind
You [D]Grand Ole [A]Opry [D]fools
With your [D]hypocritic judg[G]ments and your [D]self righteous snobbery
Your [D]God Damned [A]false hearted [D]rule
You [Bm]scorned Hank Williams, you [G]shunned Jimmy Martin,
Boys who [D]sang with [G]tongues of [A]fire.
So [D]god’s gonna [G]burn down your [D]Grand Ole Opry
Hear the [G]screams of the hypocrites and [D]liars
They feel [D]safer now that [A]Jimmy has ex[D]pired

[A]Run, Pete, run, your [G]master’s callin’ you,
He’s [D]waiting on [G]up a[A]head
[Bm]Don’t look back, [G]Nashville’s burnin’ down
[D]Jimmy [A]Martin’s [D]dead
Oh, The [D]great Jimmy [A]Martin’s gone [D]dead

Yeah, don’t call me no country singer
Those are poison words to me
‘Cause I ain’t heard a good country song
Since 1973
The King of Bluegrass has died for your sins
The We of Babylon is sleepin’ in your bed
So God’s gonna burn down Nashville tonight, boys,
Cause Jimmy Martin’s dead
The great Jimmy Martin’s gone dead


There’s a hound dog runnin’ all alone through the piney woods
The howling tears the soul out of me

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