Sledgehammer in guitar acoustic version might be one of the good music you liked. Not only hearing the music but you can play “Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel” using guitar too. Yes .. this song by may also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you must know its guitar chords.

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Yups, guitar is hard to master in the beginning, but gets easier the more time you stick with it. The more you proceeding, the simple guitar will feel to play that song.

“Sledgehammer” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “So (1986)” album.

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel Guitar Chords

Song: Sledgehammer
Tabbed by: DJ
5th May 2014

A version for acoustic guitar

CAPO: 1st fret (Sounds in the key of Eb)

Chord names and fret positions are relative to the capo:
D xx0232 G7 320001 Em7 022030
Cadd9 x32003 A7 x02020 Dm xx0231
Bb x13331 A7sus4 x02030
C x32010 Bm x24432

(Intro freely)

e |—————–|—————–|————|——————-|
B |—3—/15—3—|—3—/15—3—|—1—/3—|——————-|
G |—————–|—————–|————|—2-p0————|
D |—————–|—————–|————|——–3–p0——|
A |—————–|—————–|————|—————3—|
E |—————–|—————–|————|——————-|

(Main riff)
[D] [Cadd9] [D] [Cadd9]

e |——2——–0—0—|——2——-0—0—|
B |——3——–3—3—|——3——-3—3—|
G |——2——–0—0—|——2——-0—0—|
D |—0———–2—2—|—0———-2—2—|
A |———0–h3———|———0-h3———|
E |———————–|———————-|

| [Bb]/ / / [C]/ | [G7]/ / / / | [A7]/ / / / | [A7sus4] /_/ /_/ /_/ /_/ |

Ye[D]ah – hey, [Cadd9] use it, [D] e[Cadd9]verybody u[D]se it![Cadd9]

[D] [Cadd9] You could have a st[D]eam train, [Cadd9] | [D]/ / [Cadd9] / / |
If you’d ju[D]st lay [Cadd9]down your tr[D]acks,
[Cadd9] You could have an ae[D]ro – [Cadd9]plane— fl[D]ying,
[Cadd9] If you br[D]ing your [Cadd9]blue sky b[D]ack,
[Cadd9] All you do is c[Bm]all me, I’ll be anything you ne[D]ed![Cadd9]

| [D]/__[D]/ /[Cadd9]__/ /[D]
^ ^ ^ ^

You could have a b[D]ig dipper,[Cadd9]
[D] [Cadd9]Going up and d[D]own, all a – [Cadd9]round the be[D]nds,
[Cadd9] You could have a bum[D]per [Cadd9] car, bum[D]ping,[Cadd9]
This a – mu[D]sement [Cadd9]never en[D]ds![Cadd9]

I wanna [Bm]be..[C]. [Em7] your sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] Why don’t you [Em7]call my name?
[Bm] [C]Ah! Oh, let me [Em7]be your sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] This will [Em7]be my testimony,
[D] Yeah! [Cadd9] [D] Yeah![Cadd9]

| [D]/ / [Cadd9] / / | [D]/__[D]/ /[Cadd9]__/ /[D]
^ ^ ^ ^

Show me round your fr[D]uit cage, [Cadd9] | [D]/ / [Cadd9] / / |
‘Cause I will [D]be your [Cadd9]honey b[D]ee,
[Cadd9]Open up your fr[D]uit cage,[Cadd9] | [D]/ / [Cadd9] / / |
With a f[D]ruit that is [Cadd9]sweet as can [D]be![Cadd9]

I wanna [Bm]be.[C].. [Em7] your sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] Why don’t you [Em7]call my name?
[Bm] H[C]ah! You’d better [Em7]call the sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] Put your m[Em7]ind at rest,
I’m gonna [Bm]be…[C] [Em7] your sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] This can[Em7] be my testimony,
[Bm] [C]Hah! I’m your.[Em7].. sledgehammer,
[Bm] [C] Let there [Em7]be no doubt about it!

[Dm] Sledge! [Cadd9] [Dm] Sledge! [Cadd9] | [Dm] / / [Cadd9] / / |
[Dm] Sledge – h[Cadd9]ammer! | [Dm]/ / [Cadd9] / / | [Dm]/ / [Cadd9] / / |

| [Bb]/ / / [C]/ | [G7]/ / / [G]/ | [Dm] / / /[Cadd9] / | [Dm] / / [Cadd9]/ / |

| [Bb]/ / / / | [C]/ [G]/ I keep a – ru[G7]nning!
^ ^

[Dm] I kicked the ha [Cadd9]- bit, (Kicked the ha – [Dm]bit, kicked the ha -[Cadd9] bit!)
[Bb] Shed my skin, [G] (Shed my s[G7]kin!)
[Dm] This is the [Cadd9]new stuff, [Dm] (This is the[Cadd9] new stuff!)
I come..[Bb]. dancing in, we go d[G]an…cing [G7]in!

Oh, won’t you [Dm] …show for[Cadd9] me? [Dm] (Show for[Cadd9] me!)
I will [Bb]…show for you, [G] (Show for [G7]you!)
Please, [Dm] …show for[Cadd9] me, [Dm] (Show for[Cadd9] me!)
I will…[Bb] show for you! Y[G]eah – yeah! Yeah – yeah!
Y[G7]eah, I do mean [Dm]you! [Cadd9] Only [Dm]you, you’ve been [Cadd9]coming th[Bb]rough,
A – gonna build that p[G]ower, bu[G7]ild, build up that p[Dm]ower, haaaa,
I’ve been f[Cadd9]eeding the rh[Dm]ythm, huh, I’ve been f[Cadd9]eeding the rh[Bb]ythm,
Going to feel that p[G]ower, h[G7]ey… build in [Dm]you! Ahhhh!

Come[Cadd9] on, come on, h[Dm]elp me do! Come[Cadd9] on, come on h[Bb]elp me do,
Y[G]eah – yeah, yeah – yeah! Y[G7]eah – yeah, yeah – yeah, [Dm]you,
I’ve been [Cadd9]feeding my rh[Dm]ythm, I’ve been f[Cadd9]eeding my rh[Bb]ythm,
It’s what we’re d[G]oing, doing..[G7]. all day and [Dm]night,
Ah, come[Cadd9] on, come on, h[Dm]elp me do! Come[Cadd9] on, come on, h[Bb]elp me do,
Y[G]eah – yeah, yeah – yeah! Y[G7]eah – yeah, yeah – yeah, [Dm]you!

If you want to be master of Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer guitar chords, you need to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just lack tiny adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is entirely based on its major counterpart.

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