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“Sing Me to Sleep” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Composure (2005)” album.

Sing Me to Sleep by Waking Ashland Guitar Chords


SING ME TO SLEEP – Waking Ashland


Band/Artist: Waking Ashland
Album/Year: Composure (2005)


|Chords – relative to capo|
Am: 002210
Em: 022000
Dm: 000232
F: 133211
G: 320030
G5: 320000

[Am] [Em] [Dm] [Am]
[Am]There [Em]is s[G]ometh[Am]ing
[Am]Watch[Em]ing, [G]wait[Am]ing[F][G]
[Am] [Em] [Dm] [Am]
[Am]There [Em]is s[G]ometh[Am]ing
[Am]Passi[Em]ng, c[G]ast[Am]ing these [F]shadows
[F]How they [G]make their way into my [Am]mind[Em][Dm][Am]

And you’ll [F]sing me to sleep
You’ll [G]sing to me gently
And you’ll [F]sing me to sleep
You’ll [G]sing to me
And I’m not alo[Am]ne[Em][Dm][Am]

[Am]There [Em]is s[G]ometh[Am]ing
[Am]Shini[Em]ng, c[G]all[Am]ing my [F]name
And who [G]are you, what do you want?[Am][Em][Dm][Am]
[Am]I’ll [Em]claim [G]not[Am]hing
[Am]When [Em]you’re [G]whisp[Am]ering
The [F]truth has [G]made its way into my hea[Am]d[Em][Dm][Am]

(after second chorus ends)
And I’m not al[Am]one
[F] [Dm] [F] [G] [G5]
[Am] [F] [Dm] [Am]
and you’ll [F]sing me to sleep
you’ll [G]sing to me gently
and you’ll [F]sing me to sleep
you’ll [G]sing to me
and i’m not al[Am]one

[F] [Dm] [Am]

If you wanna learn Waking Ashland Sing Me to Sleep guitar chords, you should to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is completely based on its major counterpart.

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