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“Rather Be” guitar chords has Disco rhythm and included in “” album.

Rather Be by Clean Bandit Guitar Chords

Tone gốc B: Capo 4
(Verse 1)
We’re a [Em]thousand [D]miles from [C]comfort[G], we have [Em]traveled [D]land and [C]sea [G]
But as [Em]long as [D]you are [C]with me, [G]there’s[Am] no place I rather be
[Em]I would [D]wait [C]forever[G], [Em]exulted [D] in the [C]scene [G]
As [Em]long as [D]I am [C]with you, [G]my[Am] heart continues to beat
[Em]With every step we take, [D/F#]Kyoto to The Bay
[G]Strolling so [Am]casually
[Em]We’re different and the [D/F#]same, gave you another name
[G]Switch up the [Am]batteries
[Em]If you [D]gave me a [C]chance I would [G]take it
[Em]It’s a [D]shot in [C]the dark but I’ll [G] make it
[Em]Know with [D/F#]all of your heart, you [C] can’t [G]shame me
[Am]When I am [Bm]with you, there’s no [C]place I [G]rather be
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C] no place I [G]rather be
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C] no place I [G]rather be
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C] no place I [G]rather be
(Verse 2)
We [Em]staked out [D]on a [C]mission [G]to [Em]find our [D]inner [C]peace [G]
[Em]Make it [D]ever[C]lasting [G] so [Am]nothing’s incomplete
It’s [Em]easy [D]being [C]with you[G], [Em]sacred [D]simplicity [C] [G]
As [Em]long as [D]we’re [C]together[G], there’s [Am]no place I rather be
[Em]Hmmmmmm[D]mmmm, [C]Hoooooooooo [G]
[Em]Be [D] [C] [G] (9x)
[Em]Yeah-E-[D]yeah-E-yeah[C]-E-yeah-E-yeah[G], yeah, yeah

If you wanna be master of Clean Bandit Rather Be guitar chords, you should to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just lack tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is entirely based on its major counterpart.

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