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“Queen Of My Heart” guitar chords has Slow Rock rhythm and included in “” album.

Queen Of My Heart by Westlife Guitar Chords

[E]S o here we [A]s tand
[A]I n our secret place
With a sound [D]of the crowd
So far [E]away
[E]A nd you take [A]my hand
[A]A nd it feels like home
[A]W e both [D]unders tand
[D]I t’s where [E]we belong
[E]S o how do [D]I say?
[D]D o I say [E]good bye?
[E]W e both have [D]our dreams
[D]W e both [E]wanna fly
[E]S o let’s take [A]to night
[A]T o carry us [E]th rough
[E]T he [A]lonely times
[E]I’ ll always look [D]b ack
[D]A s I walk [G]a way
[G]T his memory
[D]Wil l last for [A]eter nity
[A]A nd all of [D]our tears
[D]W ill be lost in [G]the rain
[G]When I’ve found my way [D]back
[D]T o your [G]a rms [D]agai n
[D]B ut [G]until that [D]da y
[D]Y ou know you [G]a re
[G]T he queen of my [D]
he art [G](Q ueen [D]of [A]my he art)
[E]S o let’s take [A]t onight
[A]A nd never let go
[A]W hile dancing [D]we’ll kiss
Like there’s [E]n o tomorrow
[E]A s the stars sparkle [A]d own
[A]L ike a diamond ring
[A]I ‘ll treasure this [D]m oment
[D]T ill we meet [E]a gain
Bridge 2:
[E]B ut no matter [D]how far
[D]A way you [E]may be
[E]I’ ll just close my [D]e yes
[A]A nd you’re in my [E]dr eams
[E]A nd there you [A]wil l be
[D]U ntil we [A]me et

[E]I’ ll always [D]look back
[D]A s I walk [G]aw ay
[G]T his memory
Will [D]last for [A]eter nity
[A]A nd all of [D]our tears
[D]Will be lost in the [G]rain
[G]When I’ve found my way [D]back
[D]To your [G]ar ms [D]agai n
[D]Bu t until [G]t [D]hat d ay
[D]You know you [G]a re
[G]The queen of my [D]h eart
[D]O h [G]ye ah
You’re [G]the
[G]Que en of my [D]h eart

If you want to be master of Westlife Queen Of My Heart guitar chords, you should to look at the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is entirely based on its major counterpart.

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