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“Oregon Hill” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Black Eyed Man (1992)” album.

Oregon Hill by Cowboy Junkies Guitar Chords



Oregon Hill (M. Timmins/Cowboy Junkies)
(from the album Black Eyed Man)

Corrections/improvements welcome.

(I’m playing this song with a E- E6 -E7 riff through most of the verses. That is, an E, then an E with
pinkie added on 2nd fret of 2nd string, then sliding my pinkie up to the 3rd fret. Of course, there may be
better way.)

E- E6 -E7 riff
The hoods are up on Pine Street, rearends lifted, too
The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee

are makin’ love with a little help from STP[F#m]

Their women on [A]the porches, comparin’ alibis[E-][E6][-E7]

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
Greasy eggs & bacon, bumper stickers aimed to start a fight
Folk in wrecks, confederate caps, if you want some shine well
you can always find some more[F#m][F#m7]

but what I reme[A]mber most, is the color of Susie’s door[E-][E6][-E7]

And Susie [C#m]says she’s up there[Ab], cutting carrots st[A]ill[E]

[E]Susie say[B]s she’s missing me[Am]

so I'[F#m]m missing, Oregon Hill[E-][E6][-E7]

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
A river to the south, to wash away all sin
A college to the east of us, to learn where sin begins

A graveyard to the west of it all[F#m][F#m7]

The child may[A] soon be lying in it[E-][E6][-E7]

Cause to the north the[A]re is a prison,[E]

which I’ve come[A] to call my home[E]

but come Monday morning[A], no country song,[E]

will sing me [B]home again[A][E]

Sus[C#m]ie says she’s up th[Ab]ere, cutting [A]carrots still[E]

[E]Susie say[B]s she’s missing me, [Am]so I’m missing, O[F#m]regon Hill[E-][E6][-E7]

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
Sunday morning, 8 a.m., sirens fill the air
Sounds like someone made the river
Sounds like someone being born again[F#m][F#m7]

But me,[A] I’m just lyin’ [Abm]here in S[F#m]usie’s bed[E-][E6][-E7]

Baptists celeb[A]rating with praises to the lord[E]

Redn[A]ecks doin’ it with gin[E]

Me and Susie, [A]we’re just celebrating, the joys of sl[E]eepin’ in[B],[A][E]

because tomorr[F#m]ow, I’ll be home[A] again.[E-][E6][-E7]

Sus[C#m]ie says she’ll wait the[Ab]re,

cutting carr[A]ots by the window sill[E]

[E]Susie say[B]s always think of me,[Am]

when you [F#m]think of, Oregon Hill[E-][E6][-E7]

If you wanna be master of Cowboy Junkies Oregon Hill guitar chords, you need to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is entirely based on its major counterpart.

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