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“Night After Night” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Beautiful Circle (2002)” album.

Night After Night by Sara Storer ukulele Chords

Capo III
c F C
Weekends when I go out walking
[C]Friends stop and t[F]hey say h[C]ello
They [G]ask me how things are g[F]oing
I put on a [C]show, a [F]very good [C]show
[C]I tell them that I[F]’m doing f[C]ine now
[C]They smile and then they [F]go on their w[C]ay
It’s so [G]easy to put on a [F]brave face
in the bright light of [C]day, before [F]stars hold [C]sway

But [F]I still [C]miss you
when[F]ever I [C]turn out the [G]light
[F]I still [C]miss you
[F]Night after [C]night, after [G]night, after [C]night.

They say that time is a healer
And bad things all come to an end,
Well sometimes I almost believe it
then darkness comes in
and I fall again.
I wish I could sleep like a baby
I wish I could sink like a stone
I wish that I could not remember
your sweet loving moan
when we were alone

RPT Chorus x 3.

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