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Next Breath by Tank ukulele Chords

Chords and lyrics for Next Breath by Tan

as i pour this

[B]glass of wine
i hope

[F#]it helps me express these

[G#m]thoughts of mine
no, i don?t think i?ve
[F#]ever felt
[B]the way i felt for
[F#]you girl so
[G#m]i?m turning these lights down and i?m telling
[F#]you right now
[B]i don?t think
[F#]ever ever really
[G#m]told you how much i need you
girl i need
[B]you more than my next
[F#]never would i
[G#m]ever leave you cause darling i need you
i need you more than my next breath.
i need
[B]i?m sorry for the times that i stressed you out
and i?m thankful for the times you aint put me
[G#m]out your house
(yeah oh)
i fell in love
[B]more than once
[F#]every single time
[G#m]it was with you girl (you) (oh)
i don?t
[B]i?ve ever ever
[D#m]really told
[F#]you how much i
[G#m]need you girl i need you more than my next breath never would
[F#]i ever leave you
[B]darling i need you
i need
[G#m]you more
[F#]than my next breath i breath.
this is the part where
[G#m]we slow it down
make love to your mind
[B]it?s ok you can think out loud (no)
it?s four in
[G#m]the morning and i?m pouring out my
girl so much to say
[F#]i don?t know where to
[G#m]start girl oh(oh yeah)
[B]don?t think i?ve ever ever really told
[F#]you how much i
[G#m]need you girl
i need you more than my next
[B]breath never would i
[F#]ever leave you cause darling
[G#m]i need you
i need you more than my next breath i breath

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