New Moon in guitar acoustic version maybe one of the best song you liked. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “New Moon by Swallow the Sun” using guitar too. Yeah .. this music by can also be played by that instrument. But, first thing, you must know its guitar chords.

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Yes, guitar is tough to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it. The more you practice, the smooth guitar will feel to play the music.

“New Moon” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “New Moon (2009)” album.

New Moon by Swallow the Sun Guitar Chords

1X Intro-Riff

2X Chorus (inst.) :

[Eb] [D] [G] [F]
4x Verse:

G__ C__ Eb’__ D’__

“Tomorrow will be worse,
I heard her say, as she closed the curtains
and walked away”

Tied on the bed by hands of the past, memories to painful to be opened
My body crushed and bruned from excaping life. The sleep will come,
with horrors of you..

1x Intro-Riff

[Eb]New moon, would you [D]open the gates and [G]take me away, away from thi[F]s night
[Eb]New moon, between the cu[D]rtains,[G] walk me away on your s[F]ilvery bridge.
Eb D G__
New moon, lay your mercy on me tonight

C__ Eb__
The despair of morning sun, beams of unholy light..
D__ G__
No one can read the signs of these eyes.
The prayer [C]of escape, [Eb]I will never[D] heal..

4x Solo: G A Bb Gb

Interlude: C Eb D Gb

The flames on my skin to wash all bad away was
unpurifying kiss of suffering

4x Solo: G A Bb Gb

1x Intro Riff:
“But i judge myself to give it all away, for you..”

1x Chorus

4x Solo: G A Bb Gb

If you want to learn Swallow the Sun New Moon guitar chords, you need to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords only require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is fully based on its major counterpart.

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