My Kind of Day on Padre played in guitar might be one of the perfect music you liked. Not only enjoying the song but you can play “My Kind of Day on Padre by Gary P. Nunn” using guitar too. Yes .. this song by can also be played by that device. But, before that, you must know its guitar chords.

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“My Kind of Day on Padre” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Totally Guacamole (1993)” album.

My Kind of Day on Padre by Gary P. Nunn Guitar Chords

This one’s easy. simple E A F#m B

Intro: E A F#m B E B

[E]winnabegos and airstreams [A]all headed north in a [F#m]line,
[B]friends and relations on a coastal vacation [E]I sure hope they had a good t[B]ime
theyre going [E]back to the places goin back to the race
[A]theyll come down again theres no [F#m]doubt
its the [B]end of the season its a pretty good reason for me to be
headed down [E]south


[E]down to laguna madre cruisin over the [A]causeway theres [B]nobody here,
the coast is all clear its my kind of day on [E]Padre. [B]

[E]the seven ‘leven is empty [A]theres no tshirts for [F#m]sale,
the [B]condos are clear and they boarded the windows [E]ready for the winter’s for
[B]skiing, guess Im [E]here cause Im a nautical dreamer aint got a [A]boat so I’ll
take the [F#m]isle, makin [B]friends with the seagulls and pickin up seashells
not another tourist for [E]miles.


Break, play verse chords

[E]think I’ll see whats shakin in port a stop by [A]shortys and have me a [F#m]round.
[B]one old skipper and a few bay shrimpers [E]talkin bout the fish they aint [B]found
then the [E]old man raises his glass, [A]trembles as he speaks of the [F#m]pier
[B]now theyre all gone you know it wasnt that long ago remember when the
tarpon were [E]here.



[B]think Im gonna stay on [E]padre, its [B]my kind of day on [E]Padre[B][E]


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