Manchmal denk i no an di in guitar acoustic version might be one of your favourite music. Not only hearing the song but you can play “Manchmal denk i no an di by Rainhard Fendrich” using guitar too. Yes .. this music by can also be played by that device. But, before that, you need to understand its guitar chords.

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“Manchmal denk i no an di” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “” album.

Manchmal denk i no an di by Rainhard Fendrich Guitar Chords

Intro: G Am7 G C G C G

[G]Vielleicht geht´s da heit[Am7] leiwand,
[G]vielleicht bist all[C]an.
[G]I denk ma oft wo k[Am7]enntast jetzt s[D4]ein.[D][D2][D]
[G]Die Zeit heilt alle [Am7]Wunden,ob g[G]ros [Am7]o – [Bm7]der [C]kla,
[G]doch manchmal do r[C]eisn die oldesten e[G]in.
[C]Da wora Sommerglanz in [G]deine Augn,
[C]do wor des Salz auf deiner H[G]aut.
[C]Und dann das [Em]G´fuhl so zwischen[Am] Angst und[Am7] Euphorie,[D][D4][D]
[D]manchmal denk i no an [G]di,[Am7]
[C]manchmal d[D]enk i no an [G]di.[Am7][D]

[G]Du wolltes gern a F[Am7]rau sein,
[G]i wor no ka [C]Mann,
[G]was lernt ma scho aus P[Am7]layboy und [D4]Quick.[D][D2][D]
[G]Du host mi afach [Am7]g´numman wia´s [G]a M[Am7]utter[Bm7] nua[C] kann,
[G]i was no wia i g´[C]want hob for [G]Gluck.
[C]Die Nacht wor schworz und wia a [G]Tag so hell,
[C]i hob mi g´furchtn wia a[G] Kind.
[C]Dann woa mia [Em]so, als kommt da [Am]Himmel [Am7]uber m[D]i,[D4][D]
[D]manchmal denk i no an [G]di.[Am7]
[C]manchmal d[D]enk i no an [G]di.

[C]Und wia ma gwort ham,dass die [G]Sun aufgeht,
[C]war i so stolz in deine [G]Oam.
[C]Dann hob i [Em]g´sogt, du bleibst die [Am]Anzige,
die A[Am7]nzige fur [D]mi![D4][D]

[D]Manchmal denk i no an [G]di,[Am7]
[C]manchmal d[D]enk i no an [G]di,[Am7]
[C]manchmal d[D]enk i no an [G]di.

Outro: Am7 G C G D6 D4 G

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