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“It Hasn’t Been Long Enough” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Sounds Like This (2007)” album.

It Hasn’t Been Long Enough by Eric Hutchinson ukulele Chords

It Hasn’t Been Long Enough

NOTES: Song tabbed using piano chords (I?ve found it difficult to play on
guitar) / D#maj7 keep Gm, but add lower D# note

VERSE: Gm, D, Ddim, C, Cm, Gm, D#maj7, D

[Gm] Long as I am er[D]asing this
[Ddim] there’s something i am b[C]ound to miss
[Cm] opportuni[Gm]ties exist,[D#maj7] but often don’t ar[D]ise
[Gm] and think of how it m[D]ust have felt
[Ddim] to watch you walk a[C]way and melt
[Cm] i keep it all in[Gm]side myself [D#maj7] and in between my e[D]yes


[Gm] and it’s no surp[F]rise what we’ve[C] become
[Gm] since the arr[F]ival has be[C]gun

CHORUS: G, Cm, F, Bb, Gm, D#, F, D

[G] it hasn’t been l[Cm]ong en[F]ough to even be[Bb]gin to think it’s alr[Gm]ight
i’m only conc[D#]erned with the way we end u[F]p Who[D]ooa-[G]Oh
[G] i think i’ve been w[Cm]rong en[F]ough to know when i’m r[Bb]ight
so put up f[Gm]ight if you must but we k[D#]now that our trust is
und[F]one – it h[D]asn’t been long en[Gm]ough

VERSE 2: Gm, D, Ddim, C, Cm, Gm, D#maj7, D

[Gm] i feel as if i sp[D]oke too soon
[Ddim] and ruined the whole a[C]fternoon
[Cm] a feeling that we’re m[Gm]ore than doomed
[D#maj7] is creeping up ins[D]ide
[Gm] and good as it was bo[D]und to be
[Ddim] there’s something ab[C]out you and me
[Cm] it’s negative in c[Gm]hemistry [D#maj7] which makes it hard to h[D]ide


[Gm] and it’s no surp[F]rise when lights are[C] falling
[Gm] it’s bound to re-a[F]wake some primal[C] calling


BREAK: Cm, G, Bbsus2, Bbsus2, G#, G#, D

[Cm] what’s making you bel[G]ieve that the seventh time [Bbsus2]around
[Bbsus2] is gonna be d[G#]ifferent -[G#] you know i’m n[D]ot convinced
[Cm] long as the knot was t[G]ied problems always were [Bbsus2]around
[Bbsus2] and I’m not any d[G#]ifferent, [G#] so i won’t li[D]sten

Gm, D, Ddim, C, Cm, Gm, D#maj7, D (x2)


Ends with Gm

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