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“Impermanent Things” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “From Strength to Strength (1991)” album.

Impermanent Things by Peter Himmelman ukulele Chords


“From Strength to Strength”

A[D]ll these imp[G]ermanent t[C]hings
[Dm]Oh how they f[C]ool me, [Dm]dominate and r[C]ule me
[Dm]They keep me w[C]aiting here for[G]ever[Gsus4][G]
A[D]ll these imp[G]ermament t[C]hings
Well their b[Dm]eauty’s never-a[C]ging but their w[Dm]orthlessness’ en[C]raging
You know we alway[Dm]s stand a[C]lone when we’re to[G]gether[Gsus4][G]

So w[Am]hy keep h[G]anging [F]on [Fsus4] [F] to th[Am]ings that n[G]ever [F]st[Fsus4]ay
[F]Things that j[Am]ust keep s[G]tringing us a[F]long from day to d[C]ay[G]

A[D]ll these imp[G]ermanent th[C]ings
P[Dm]resent yet el[C]usive, p[Dm]assive yet a[C]busive
T[Dm]earing out the h[C]eart in utter s[G]ilence[Gsus4][G]
A[D]ll these imp[G]ermanent th[C]ings
They p[Dm]oint in all d[C]irections like s[Dm]econd-hand refl[C]ections
And they’re l[Dm]eading me to s[C]ubtle shades of v[G]iolence[Gsus4][G]

I think it’s played about 2 keys higher on the album

There’s a third verse also, but I can’t remember it
If anyone can, feel free to add it

Paul Pfaffenberger


If you want to be master of Peter Himmelman Impermanent Things ukulele chords, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to know are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a ton of songs, and each of them is easy to learn.

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