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“If You Ever Go to Dublin Town” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Further Along” album.

If You Ever Go to Dublin Town by The Dubliners Guitar Chords

If you ever go t[A]o Dublin town
[A]In A hundred years or so
[D]Inquire for in [A]Baggot Street
[A]And what is was like to [E]know

[A]O he was the queer one
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was a queer one
[E]I tell [A]you

[A]My great-grandmother knew him well,
[A]He asked her to come and call On him in his
[D]flat and she [A]giggled at the thought
[A]Of a young girl’s lovely f[E]all.

[A]O he was dangerous,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was dangerous,
[E]And I tell [A]you

[A]On Pembroke Road look out for my ghost,
[A]Dishevelled with shoes untied,
[D]Playing through the railings with [A]little children
[A]Whose children have long since [E]died.

[A]O he was a nice man,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was a nice man
[E]And I tell y[A]ou

[A]Go into a pub and listen well
[A]If my voice still echoes there,
[D]Ask the men what their g[A]randsires thought
[A]And tell them to answer f[E]air,

[A]O he was eccentric,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was eccentric
[E]And I tell y[A]ou

[A]He had the knack of making men feel
[A]As small as they really were
[D]Which meant as great as [A]God had made them
[A]But as malesl they disliked his a[E]ir.

[A]O he was a proud one,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was a proud one
[E]And I tell [A]you

[A]If ever you go to Dublin town
[A]In a hundred years or so
[D]Sniff for my perso-[A]nality,
[A]Is it Vanity’s vapour n[E]ow?

[A]O he was a vain one,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was a vain one
[E]And I tell [A]you

[A]I saw his name with a hundred more
[A]In a book in the library,
[D]It said he had never f[A]ully achieved
[A]His potentiali-[E]ty.

[A]O he was slothful,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]He was slothful
[E]And I tell [A]you

[A]He knew that posterity had no use
[A]For anything but the soul,
[D]The lines that speak the [A]passionate heart,
[A]The spirit that lives a[E]lone.

[A]O he was a lone one,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]O he was a lone one,
[E]And I tell [A]you

[A]O he was a lone one,
[A]Fol do did dil [D]li [A]do
[A]Yet he lived happily
[E]And I tell [A]you

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