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“Hearts Don’t Breakeven” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Brothers of the Dirt (2009)” album.

Hearts Don’t Breakeven by Brandon Jenkins ukulele Chords

By Brandon Jenkins

Capo 2

[D] [Bm] [G] [A]
[Bm]Shattered pieces on the ground[G]
Tryin to speak, can’t make a [E7]sound
Thru the bomb you dropped on [A]me
Never thought you’d set me free[Bm]
[Bm]Thunder cloud and lighting [G]strikes
It’s gonna take alot to drink to[E7]night
To try to swallow down this bitter [A]pill
Yeah I love you and I always will[D]

[D]Now I’m sortin’ thru the pieces of my broken [Bm]heart
Cuttin up my fingers on the jagged [G]part
? what’s left of our love and now I’m bleedin’
[A]And I’m seein that love don’t break even[D]

Looks like our hearts have cashed it in
Mine came out on the losin end
With the spell you cast on me
yeah, I’ll never shake this memory
We both knew when we rolled the dice
With everything comes a price
Yeah the price I’m payin still
Yeah I love you and I always will


[Bm]Broken record just keeps on [G]playin
Drowning out the words we’re [E7]sayin
Never even heard the sirens [A]ring
Naw we never even heard a thing[D]


Yes I always there’d come a day
We might decide to go our separate ways
But you had this boy believin’
And I’m seein hearts don’t break even

Aw no no
Oh no
Hearts don’t break even
No no no

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