Goodnight My Love in guitar acoustic version might be one of the best song you liked. Not only hearing the music but you can play “Goodnight My Love by Ray Peterson” using guitar too. Yes .. this song by may also be played by that device. But, before that, you need to know its guitar chords.

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Yes, guitar is not easy to master in the beginning, but gets easier the more time you stick with it. The more you proceeding, the smooth guitar will feel to play the music.

“Goodnight My Love” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Tell Laura I Love Her (1997)” album.

Goodnight My Love by Ray Peterson Guitar Chords

INTRO: Db Bbm Ebm Ab Fm Bbm Ebm

[Db]Goodnight my [Bbm]love.[Ebm]….pleasant [Ab]dreams and [Db]sleep tight
my [Bbm]love.
[Ebm]May to[Fm]morrow be [Db]sunny and [Bbm]bright.[Ebm]…..and bring you
[Ab]closer to [Db]me.[Bbm][Ebm][Ab]
Be[Db]fore you [Bbm]go…[Ebm]……[Ab]please remem[Ebm]ber [Cm]I [Db]need you
[Bbm]so…[Ebm]…..and this [Ab]love that I [Db]have for [Bbm]you..[Ebm]….
will [Cm]never grow [Db]cold.

If [F]you should a[Cm]wake in the [F]still of the [C]night, [F]please
[Cm]have [Db]no [F]fear.[Bbm][Eb]
[Ab]For I’ll be [Eb]there, you [Ab]know I [Eb]care.[Ab]…[Eb]please give your
[Ab]love to [F]me [Fm]dear, [Db]only.

[Db]Goodnight my [Bbm]love.[Ebm]….pleasant [Ab]dreams and [Db]sleep tight
my [Bbm]love.
[Ebm]May to[Fm]morrow be [Db]sunny and [Bbm]bright.[Ebm]…..and bring you
[Ab]closer to [Db]me.[Bbm][Ebm][Ab]

[D]Before you [Bm]go..[Em]….please [A]remember I [D]need you [Bm]so..
[Em]and this [A]love that I [D]have for [Bm]you.[Em]….[Bm]will [A]never
[Gb]grow [Eb]cooo[D]ld.

([D]My [G]love) [Db]gooo[A]od[D]night.

If you want to learn Ray Peterson Goodnight My Love guitar chords, you have to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require few adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is perfectly based on its major counterpart.

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