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“Get Physical” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “” album.

Get Physical by Jeffree Star Guitar Chords

Work me out, lets get physical (4x)

[Bm]The sweat is drip[G]ping down my back i[F#]t feels so good
[Bm]The time an place[G] is right now cuz i[F#]’m in the mood
[Bm]I wanna give you [G]something more then[F#] exercise
[Bm](Can you) Feel my[G] body pumping as i [F#]work your tighs…

[G]Give me a test drive, [A]a different kind of fitness
[Bm]Do you wanna hit this? (2x)

[Bm]Work me out, lets get physical (4x)

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[Bm]You know i’m hott[G]er than a furnace s[F#]o take it slow
[Bm]Clensh my teeth t[G]ogether as you star[F#]t to blow.
[Bm]You might get ago[G]raphobic so come in[F#]side…
[Bm]Come on let’s do [G]some more aerobic e[F#]xercise.

[G]Give me a test drive, [A]a different kind of fitness
[Bm]Do you wanna hit this? (2x)

[Bm]Work me out, lets get physical (4x)

[G]Don’t get tired…We just got started
[Bm]While you weren’t looking the pacific Ocean parted
[G]Don’t get tired…We just got star[Bm]ted — We just got started

[Bm]Work me out, lets get physical (4x)

[Bm]Work me out

Transcribed by Pablo Lage – Brazilian Fan

If you wanna learn Jeffree Star Get Physical guitar chords, you have to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is entirely based on its major counterpart.

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