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“Food for Songs” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Twisted (1995)” album.

Food for Songs by Del Amitri Guitar Chords


[Gm] [-] [Fsus4] [-] [C/E] [-] [Gm] [-] [G] [-]
[Gm] [-] [Fsus4] [-] [C/E] [-] [Gm] [-] [G5] [-]

Well there’s [Gm] people hauling people
[Fsus4] Out from [C/E] under their [Gm] homes [G]
Yeah there’s [Gm] people hauling people
[Fsus4] Out through the [C/E] groaning [Gm] stones [Gm7]

You can [Gm] see me to – [F#+] night,
Bb/F [ch]C7/E[/ch]
I’ll be shell shocked and white
Ci [ch]Bb/C[/ch] Ci
in the cold light of dawn/

But I [Bb] ain’t gonna [F] cry
just to [C11] give some guy [C]
Food for [Gm] songs [Gm]

[Gm] People going hungry,
[Fsus4] Stand like a [C/E] sackfull of [Gm] bones [G]
[Gm] People going hungry,
[Fsus4] feeding a [C/E] billion [Gm] homes [G5]

So [Gm] I put my [F#+] dead child
Bb/F [ch]C7/E[/ch] Ci [ch]Bb/C[/ch] – Ci
down you put your TV on

Well I [Bb] [/] ain’t gonna [F] [/] cry
just to [C11] give some guy [C]
Food for [Gm] songs


Yeah, there’s [Gm] [/] people beating people,
[Fsus4] [/] Keep the [C/E] [/] system [Gm] strong [Gm]
Yeah, there’s [Gm] people beating people
to [Fsus4] keep the il – [C/E] lusion go – [Gm] ing

So [Gm] I’m going to [F#+] fight
Bb/F [ch]C7/E[/ch]
every day of my life
Ci [ch]Bb/C[/ch] – Ci
’til they’re gone

But I [Bb] [/] ain’t gonna [F] [/] die
just to [C11] give some guy [C]
Food for [Gm] songs [Gm]
Food for [Gm] songs [Gm]

Yeah, there’s [Gm] people holding people
[Fsus4] Making those [C/E] wailing [Gm] sounds [Gm]
Yeah, there’s [Gm] people holding people,
[Fsus4] Watching them [C/E] lower me [Gm] down [Gm]

So [Gm] I take my [F#+] leave
Bb/F [ch]C7/E[/ch]
and you take what you see
Ci [ch]Bb/C[/ch] Ci
And you make it what you want

But when I [Bb] [/] see you in [F] [/] hell,
I will [C11] give you some [C11]
Food for [Gm] songs [Gm]

[Gm] [//]

G 3xxxxx
Gm 3553xx
Fsus4 1133xx
C/E 03201x
G5 xxx033
[Gm7]F#+ [355363]2×0332
[Bb/F][ch]C7/[113331]E[/ch] 032310
Ci x3555x
[ch]Bb/C[/ch] x3333x
Bb x13331
[F]C11 [133211]x32011
C x32010

If you wanna learn Del Amitri Food for Songs guitar chords, you have to understand the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just lack few adjustments. Every of those minor chords is completely based on its major counterpart.

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