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“Fall Down” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Hunkpapa (1989)” album.

Fall Down by Throwing Muses Guitar Chords

by kristin hersh
from ‘hunkpapa’
transcribed by edmond hum ([email protected])

— start —

[D] [F] [G]
[D]i picked up this lady in a store, she [F]dropped her stuff
and tripped on it, so i [G]picked her up
i said, everybody falls down

[D]once you meet the man you want
you’ll [F]know ’cause you see red
like making ho[G]ney ’til he stings you in the head

fall [F]down fall [D]down

kate collected postcards when [F]she felt too alone
in case no [G]friends of hers could get her on the phone

fall [F]down fall [D]down

her husband was in line behind her
not [F]everybody falls down
you’re so [G]old, i said, what happened?

[D]if you eat her lipstick you con[F]sume her jealous rage
they [G]get you in the mouth, those girls

fall [F]down fall [D]down

juan collected things in cans, he [F]felt he wasn’t safe
see, his [G]girlfriend took some when she went away

fall [F]down fall [D]down

D F G F7:F7 ?
[D]nothing ever happens here, i [F]said,
i just [G]wait

i [D]showed this guy my pictures
he [F]said they didn’t breathe
i said i [G]painted them that way
kind of hanging on his sleeve

fall [F]down fall [D]down

i showed this girl my stitches
she [F]said she had some too
she said she [G]thinks she’ll start a rock band too

fall [F]down fall [D]down

i hope you fall so fast and hard that you get me

— end —

If you wanna be master of Throwing Muses Fall Down guitar chords, you have to look at the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require few adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is absolutely based on its major counterpart.

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