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“Down the Burning Ropes” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Early in the Morning (2010)” album.

Down the Burning Ropes by James Vincent McMorrow ukulele Chords

Capo on first fret
[Am] [G] [Am]
[Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Am]
Intro: Am

[Am]When the hills let go
Slowly fade into the water like some ancient lover
On a ship filled with [G]ghosts
It’s something to be[Am]hold

[Am]When the paper thin girls
With twisting little braids in their hair,
They take off their coats and t[G]hrow
Pebbles and stones from the side of the boat,
Crying out[F]
The stones t[G]hey float, the stones t[Am]hey float
Oh my God,[F] the stones t[G]hey float, the stones they [Am]float

[Am]Down the burning ropes
Past the places where the steal beams meet concrete skies
You make your bed under the [G]moonlight
I think it’s time we said g[Am]oodbye

[Am]Cause nothing moves in the warm air
And words that once would cut like a knife,
They just hang in the cloud and y[G]ou’re
Pushed by the lord,
But you’re pulled by the crowds a[F]nd
You’re over[G]board, you’re over[Am]board
Oh my God,[F] she’s over[G]board, she’s over[Am]board

Am G F (last two strumming)
My love she’s overboard
Am G F (strumming)
She’s overboard
My love she’s over board[Am][G][F]

Some uuuhs and aaaaahs with Am G F

[Am]Not a shell unbroken
In the valley where my heartache and the timbers lay
It’s not the time to be h[G]anging around here
You know what some mi[Am]ght say

[Am]That people get too reckless
That even with the simplest of crimes
They leave, blood behind,
As I [G]clean the knife for the very last time[F]
I think[G] she knows, I think[Am] she knows
Oh my God,[F] I think[G] she knows, I think [Am]she knows

I think she know

Uuuuhs and aAaahhs with Am G F


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