Don’t Stop Now in ukulele acoustic version may be one of the good music you loved. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “Don’t Stop Now by Crowded House” using ukulele too. Yup .. this music by can also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you need to understand its ukulele chords.

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Yeah,Ya, ukulele is tough to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it. The more you proceeding, the simple ukulele will feel to play Don’t Stop Now song.

“Don’t Stop Now” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Time on Earth (2007)” album.

Don’t Stop Now by Crowded House ukulele Chords

Notes – The C major chords can be played s Cmaj7, it’s up to you.


Intro – Cmaj7 D Cmaj7 D

[C] Another pleasant day in the countryside[D]
[C] Has ended up in tears on a stormy night[D]
[C] Cause you can?t follow my directions [D]home
But [G]don?t stop [C]now

[Em7] God knows where the satellites? taking us[D]
[C] We can?t tell what is right in front of us[D]
But [C]I hang on every[D] word

[G]Don?t stop n[C]ow
No, d[G]on?t stop n[C]ow
Give me som[Am]ething I can wr[C]ite about

[Em]You get fooled by the lightning every time[D]
[C]See the after image of my outline[D]
[C]Then you turn the wrong way[D] round

[G]Don?t stop now[C]
No, d[G]on?t stop n[C]ow
Give me som[Am]ething I can wr[C]ite about
Give me som[Am]ething I can [C]cry about

[Em]In a church house ten miles out of town[G]
Is the devil going to track me down?[Em]
Then you?ll travel through a tunnel in the trees[G]
Just remember that?s how you get to me[F#]

There?s no number on the house[F#]
The birds are headed south[D]
Sometimes you have to tu[C]rn the wrong way[D] round
Sometimes you get too cl[C]ose to nowhere[D] now

[G](Don?t stop now) [C]Restless, hopeful, in silence I wait[G]
With a blank piece of paper on the top of my [C]head
And all I want is som[Am]ething I can wr[C]ite about
All I want is som[Am]ething I can c[C]ry about
[C]Ooooh ooo[D]h


If you wanna learn Crowded House Don’t Stop Now ukulele chords, the most important basic ukulele chords to know are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a many of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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