Didn’t Mean A Thing in ukulele acoustic version might be one of your favourite song. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “Didn’t Mean A Thing by Eric Heatherly” using ukulele too. Yeah .. this song by can also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you need to know its ukulele chords.

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“Didn’t Mean A Thing” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “Swimming in Champagne (2000)” album.

Didn’t Mean A Thing by Eric Heatherly ukulele Chords

Eric Heatherly – Didn’t Mean a Thing


Chord shapes:

Am x02210 D/Ax00323 D/F# 200323

D7sus2 xx0210 C7M9/G 320010 D xx0323

C x32010 D9/F# 2×0210

G 355433 F 133211



Verse 1:
[Am]Hey Mr. why’d ya [C7M9/G]play that song
[D7sus2]Till I heard it I was [D9/F#]gettin’ along
[Am]Why’d ya have to take me [C7M9/G]to that place
[D]And make me think about her [D/A]smilin’ face
[Am]How she used to make me [C7M9/G]laugh out loud
[D7sus2]Kiss me in the middle of a [D/A]down town crowd[Am]
Talk dirty to me [C7M9]on the phone
[D]Then I woke up [D/F#]alone

And it’s like[C] water to a [F]drowning man
[C] I.O.U [F]written in sand
[C] Tryin’ to beat three [F]ace’s with a couple of [G]kings.
Yeah, [C] Round trip on a [F]run away train
[C]A Hand shake from [F]Saddam Hussein
[C]Sweet dreams of [F]love and a wedding [G]ring
Didn’t mean a thi[Am]ng [C7M9/G] [D9/F#]
It Didn’t mean a thi[Am]ng, [C7M9/G] no ooo oo[D]o[D/F#]

Verse 2:
[Am]Said she was the answer[C7M9/G] to my prayers
[D7sus2]As she ran her fingers t[D9/F#]hrough my hair
[Am]She told me that I was [C7M9/G]second to none
D D/A Am(hammer into chord)
She promised me the stars one by one
She had me goin’ from the [C7M9/G]day we met
[D7sus2]Plans were made the [D/F#]date was set
Now it wa[Am]s picture perfect like [C7M9/G]Barbie and Ken
[D]But this is now and t[D/F#]hat was then



Ending:(Outro solo)Am C7M9/G D9/F# Am C7M9/G D9/F# Am C7M9/G D9/F# (repeat till end)

(Spoken over the above chords)

Your cheques in the mail
That didn’t mean a thing.
Mr. Clinton said he did not in hell.
That didn’t mean a thing.
Didn’t mean a thing!

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