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Dance With Me Tonight by Guitar Chords

[D]My name is Olly nice to meet you can I tell you baby,
[Bm]Look around there’s a whole pretty ladies,
[G]But not like yo[A]you, you shine so [D]bright, ye[Dsus2]yeah.
[D]I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute,
[Bm]On the floor up and close getting lost in it,
[G]I won’t give up[A]up without a fight[D]fight.
[D]I just wanna, oh ba[Bm]baby,
[G]I just want you[A]you to dance with m[D]me tonight,
S[D]So come on, oh b[Bm]baby,
[G]I just want you[A]you to dance with m[D]me tonight.(huh)
[D]We’re getting sweaty, hot and heavy in the crowd now,
[Bm]Loosen up and let you hands go down, town,
[G]Go with it girl, y[A]eah just close y[D]our eyes, y[Dsus2]eah.
[D]I feel the music moving through your body,
[Bm]Looking at you I can tell you want me,
[G]Don’t stop keep go[A]going till the mor[D]morning light, yeah.
[Em]When I saw you there, si[Bm]sitting all alone in the dark acting like you didn’t
[Em]have a care,
[A]I knew right then,that you’d be mine,[A7]mine, we’d be dancing the whole damn night right,
[D]Oh ba[Bm]baby, [G]I just want you to[A] dance with me t[D]onight,
[D]So come on, o[Bm]oh baby,
[G]I just want you to[A]to dance with me t[D]tonight.
[D]Break it down now (yea yea yea yea yea),[Bm]yea), shake it like that (yea yea yea
yea ), now bring it all back[G]back ,
T[A]To dance with me to[D]tonight,one more time one more time come on now
(yea yea yea yea yea)
[Bm]Do your thing,(yea yea yea yea yea), everybody[G]everybody sing,
I just want you to [A]dance with me tonight, [D]
I just wanna, oh[Bm]oh baby,
[G]I just want you [A]to dance with m[D]me tonight
Everybody Everybody come on now,
girl just close your eyes, we c[Bm]can dance all through the night
[G] I just want you[A]you to dance with me ton[D]tonight
And everybody say,oh girl just close your ey[Bm]eyes,we can dance all through the night
I ju[G]st want you to d[A]ance with me tonight,[D]
so come on, oh girl just close your ey[Bm]eyes we can dance all through the night
[G]I just want you [A]to dance with me toni[D]tonight.

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