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“Cool Love” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “” album.

Cool Love by Pablo Cruise Guitar Chords

Cool Love by Pablo Cruise (1981)

Intro: G D / G D / Em7 D/E / Cmaj9 Cmaj9

[G]A room full of [D]faceless strangers, [G] here I am a[D]gain
[G]Suddenly my [D]eyes meet yours, [Cmaj9]looks like I found a friend
[G]Warms up as the [D]night wears on, [G]we?re both feeling [D]good
[Em7] We?re gonna take it to the [D]end, this time we?re gonna

[Cmaj7]Find out,[G] [Am7]find out,[G]
[Cmaj7]Find out just how good it is Yeah!

[Am7]It?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love [Em9][Em7]
[(Em7)]It?s like [G]rain in the summertime coming [Em]down[Em9]
[Em7]Yes, it?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]
[(Em7)]And- [G]cool love baby, that?s what it?s [Em]all about[Em9][Em7]

Small interlude: Cmaj7 Bm7 – Am7 Fmaj9 (piano note: ggg ggg)

[G]You don?t have to [D]say, [G] you don?t have to [D]say a thing
[G]It?s just a fee[D]lin? that happens
And [Cmaj9]what that feelin? brings
[G]Time ain?t gonna [D]change it. [G] It ain?t gonna [D]take it away
[Em7]It?s gonna keep [D]right on goin?

[Cmaj7]Every night[G], and [Am7]every day[G]
[Cmaj7]Every night, and every day Hey! Hey! [Am7]HEY!!!!

[G]Cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]
Like the [G]rain in the summertime comin? [Em]down [Em9]Yeah[Em7]!
It?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9] (Sa[Em7]ng like: low-oo-oh-oo-uv)
Yes and [G]cool love baby, that?s what it?s [Em]all about [Em9]alri[Em7]ght

G G7 G6 Gaug Cmaj7 Am7
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah—- Ohhhh

Guitar solo: //: G / Em Em9 Em7 :// x4

It?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love [Em9][Em7]
[(Em7)]It?s like [G]rain in the summertime coming [Em]down[Em9]
[Em7]Yes, it?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]
[(Em7)]And- [G]cool love baby, that?s what it?s [Em]all about[Em9][Em7]

It?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]
It?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]
You know it?s a [G]cool kind of [Em]love[Em9][Em7]

(Song has faded out by this point)

Some of the more obscure chords and the way they
sound best for this song:

Cmaj9 Em9-(Actually E7sus4)Em7 G6 Gaug
e-3 e-7 e-7 e-0 e-3
b-3 b-10 b-8 b-0 b-4
[G-4] [G-7] [G-7] [G-4][G-4]
[D-5]A-3 [D-9]A-7 [D-9]A-7 [D-5]A-5 [D-5]A-x
E-x E-x E-x E-3 E-x

If you wanna learn Pablo Cruise Cool Love guitar chords, you should to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords only require tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is fully based on its major counterpart.

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