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Conditions of My Parole by Puscifer ukulele Chords



[B]Sweet baby Jesus on f[Em]ire

Imma need a damn lawyer and a miracle to pull

My ass outta this

Devil kept poking the bull, so I shipped her ass to Mozambique

[E]Cuz I[Em] was over it

(Intro Riff)

Shoulda dumped my gat into the Verde but what if shes a zombie or a Dracula

I better hang onto [C]this

Lordy, with my hand [Em]upon the [G]Bible,
swear [E]I shot the damn Devil, [C]not a bch,
but t[Em]he po-po dont g[G]ive a sht

[E](Ho- ho- [G] hum-…)

[E]Lordy, [Em]wont you

[E]show a l[G]ittle mercy

[E]Ive been on the straight and n[G]arrow since
[E]the j[Em]udge h[E]ad my warden done Parole me
Red poison, [B]devil kept pokin so I shipped her ass to [Em]Mozambique

Cuz [C]I was over it

(Intro Riff)

[A]Goddamn judge found me guilty of public intoxication, public urination and
Parole violation
[G]But the CSI couldnt find the[F] body to corroborate my bullsht story.
[G]Sweet Jesus don’t let the judge release me.
What [F]if shes a zombie or a
[Em]Dracula And tries to fkin eat me?

Devil walked away from a bangin trip to Mozambique

Help me outta this
Help [E]me outta this

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