Bài luân vũ mùa mưa (The last waltz) played in guitar may be one of the best song you loved. Not only enjoying the music but you can play “Bài luân vũ mùa mưa (The last waltz) by ” using guitar too. Yeah .. this song by may also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you need to understand its guitar chords.

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Yes, guitar is hard to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the more time you stick with it. The more you practice, the smooth guitar will feel to play that song.

“Bài luân vũ mùa mưa (The last waltz)” guitar chords has Valse rhythm and included in “” album.

Bài luân vũ mùa mưa (The last waltz) by Guitar Chords

[C] Kìa trông trời mang mùa mưa tới bên [Dm] ta rồi
[F] Từng cơn, từng cơn sầu [G] hắt hiu nhẹ [C] rơi
Trời mưa, chiều nay buồn rơi khắp nơi [Dm] xa vời
[F] Giọt mưa từ đâu làm [G] mắt em lệ [C] rơi

[G7] Mùa mưa ôi [C] thấy [Em] sao buồn [F] tênh
[G] Mưa rơi, mưa mãi rơi, mưa [C] mãi trôi
[C7] Lá cây lặng [F] chết bên [Dm] đường
Rồi [G] nước cuốn mất [G7] theo cùng [C] thời gian

[C] Rồi đây mùa mưa rời xa cuốn theo [Dm] u buồn
[F] Trời mưa, trời mưa rồi [G] cuốn đi mộng [C] mơ
Tình ta rồi đây rời xa cũng như mây [Dm] trời
[F] Giọt mưa giờ đây là [G] xót xa mình [C] tôi

Mùa mưa [F] tới nơi rồi, mùa mưa [Fm] tới đây rồi
Tiếng mưa [C] buồn bồi hồi [Am] tâm tư [Dm] thế [G] gian
[C] La la la la la la la la la [Dm] la
[F] La la la la la la la [G] la la [C] la


I [C] wondered should I go or should [Dm] I stay
[F] The band had only one [G] more song to [C] play
And then I saw you out the corner of [Dm] my eyes
[F] A little girl [G] alone and so [C] shy

[G7] I had the [C] last [Em] waltz with [F] you
[G] Two lonely people to-[C] gether
[C7] I fell in [F] love with [Dm] you
The [G] last waltz should [G7] last for [C] ever

[C] But the love we had was goin’ [Dm] strong
[F] Through the good and bad [G] we’d get a- [C] long
And then the flame of love died in your [Dm] eyes
[F] My heart was broken in two when [G7] you said good [C] bye

It’s all [F] over now nothing [Fm] left to say
Just my [C] tears and the [Am] orchestra [Dm] play- [G] ing
[C] La la la la la la la la la [Dm] la
[F] La la la la la la la [G] la la [C] la

If you wanna learn Bài luân vũ mùa mưa (The last waltz) guitar chords, you have to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we use all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords only lack few adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is quite based on its major counterpart.

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