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“As Any Fool Can See” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “I See It Now (1994)” album.

As Any Fool Can See by Tracy Lawrence ukulele Chords

subject: As Any Fool Can See
by: tracy lawerence

intro: G Em G Em G Em

1. l[G]ately she’s been pickin’ fi[C]ghts, droppin’ hints an[Em]d just la[C]st night
2. how long did i think she’d stand for me to be the kind of man

1. i[Am] caught a tear as she slipped off to sleep, she’s not h[D]ere,[C][G]
2. that came and went just as i dang well pleased, while she sits

1. but she’s[C] not gone, i guess sh[Em]e must be waitin on,[C]
2. at home alone with thoughts and feelin’s of her own,

1. t[F]he kind of man i promised her i’d be[D],[D]
2. lord knows goodbye would bring me to my knees,


as any fool can se[G]e, she’s gonna cross that l[C]ine, shes got[G] leavin’
on h[C]er mind, and it’s too l[Am]ate but what keeps [C]killin’ m[Dsus]e____[D]
is kno[F]win’ I’ve been blin[D]d, as any fool can see.[G][Em][G][Em][G]


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