Are You Gonna Break My Heart? played in ukulele can be one of the perfect song you liked. Not only hearing the song but you can play “Are You Gonna Break My Heart? by Ezra Furman” using ukulele too. Yeah .. this music by may also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you must know its ukulele chords.

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“Are You Gonna Break My Heart?” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “The Year of No Returning (2012)” album.

Are You Gonna Break My Heart? by Ezra Furman ukulele Chords

Em (x4)

[Em]So are you gonna [Am]break my [D]heart?
[Em]Are you gonna rip my [Am]world a[D]part?
[Em]Are we gonna do this [Am]now? I[D] don’t have all [G]day.[B]

[Em]Come on and get the [Am]scissors [D]out
[Em]Show me what love is [Am]all a[D]bout
[Em]Do it fast and [Am]painful, [D]just like al[G]ways.[G7]

[C]Come on I’ve gotta [D]rock and roll
[C]We don’t need to list the [D]things you stole
[C]Use your fingernails or [D]use a tool
[Am]You’re a beautiful woman with a [B]job to do

[Em]So go, just go ahead and [Am]say the [D]words
I can’ [Em]tell you how many [Am]times I’ve [D]heard
[Em]Those same words re[Am]peated to [D]me any[G]way[B]

[Em]There’s a boat on the [Am]open [D]sea
[Em]It’s just perfect for some[Am]one like [D]me
[Em]Who doesn’t care where he’s [Am]going, as [D]long as it’s [G]far awa[G7]y

[C]If you ever got to [D]use your heart
[C]You wouldn’t even know [D]where to start
[C]So let me put your [D]mind to rest
It’s a u[Am]seless antique tucked away [B]in the chest

[Em]So are you gonna break [Am]mine in [D]half?
[Em]Are you gonna walked a[Am]way and [D]laugh?
[Em]I’m a very busy [Am]man, and [D]money is [G]time[B]

[Em]So I’m thinking that your [Am]time is [D]up
[Em]I’m at the bottom of this [Am]coffee [D]cup
[Em]I’ll just break it my[Am]self and [D]that should be [G]fine[G7]

[Em]That should be [Am]fine[D]
[Em]That should be [Am]fine[D]
[Em]That should be [Am]fine[D]

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