Anh cứ đi đi (English version) played in guitar might be one of the best music you loved. Not only enjoying the song but you can play “Anh cứ đi đi (English version) by Vương Anh Tú” using guitar too. Yes .. this music by can also be played by that instrument. But, before that, you need to know its guitar chords.

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Yeah,Ya, guitar is hard to study in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it. The more you proceeding, the easier guitar will feel to play the music.

“Anh cứ đi đi (English version)” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “” album.

Anh cứ đi đi (English version) by Vương Anh Tú Guitar Chords

My love is [Am] fire sometimes it makes me [Dm] blind
Sometimes it makes me [G] cry you’re always in my [C] mind
I’m a [F] fool I don’t know what i can [Dm] do
I don’t care about the [F] rules I just believe in [E7] you

When i saw [Am] you hand in hand with someone [Dm] new
Please tell me it’s not the [G] truth I realized that i lost [C] you
So [F] I say goodbye and let you [Dm] go
Look at me and take your [F] bow like trampled rose on the [E7] ground

You can [Am] go live without me be happy [Dm] don’t worry
Our memories [G] in past has gone right now you can [C] move on
You should [F] go far away the love [Dm] that you played
I will [E7] forget it day by day

I’m sad but I’m [Am] okay I don’t want you to [Dm] stay
Don’t wanna hear you [G] stay I’ll remember this [C] day
Without you [F] I’ll be fine I hope [Dm] you will smile
Cause [E7] I love you
So I let [E7] you go [Am] away.

If you want to be master of Vương Anh Tú Anh cứ đi đi (English version) guitar chords, you need to learn the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords only lack tiny adjustments. Every of those minor chords is absolutely based on its major counterpart.

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