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“All Wrapped Up in Christmas” ukulele chords has rhythm and included in “All Wrapped Up In Christmas (2007)” album.

All Wrapped Up in Christmas by Tracy Lawrence ukulele Chords

Tracy Lawrence
CAPO 2 (or to fit voice range)

[A]Her mother called and wondered [D]where we were
[A]And why we didn’t call he[D]r after church
[F#]I told her that we had to [Bm]hurry home
[E]Cause this time of year there’s alway[A]s somethin[D]g [D#]goin[E]g on

We gotta deck the [A]halls
We gotta find that [B7]box of broken balls
That [E]angel and that tub of tangled [A]lights
Patch up the tree then fuss about [B7]where it oughta be
I hate she [D]missed us but we’r[E]e all wrapped up i[A]n Christmas

[A]Ain’t got time to watch [D]a football game
[A]We gotta listen to Bing and [D]Elvis sing
[F#]It won’t be long til Sant[Bm]a makes his run
[E]I better hurry up and [A]get ever[D]yt[D#]hing [E]done

I gotta sign those [A]cards
I gotta get that [B7]reindeer in the yard
Hang [E]off the roof and change them burned out [A]bulbs
Gotta spend it all between [B7]Wal-Mart and the mall
It could get [D]vicious cause we’r[E]e all wrapped up i[A]n Christmas

Happy hol[A]idays
May joy and [B7]peace come your way
Our best [D]wishes
Now go get [E]all wrapped up in [A]Christmas

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