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“A Call To Arms” guitar chords has rhythm and included in “Elba (2013)” album.

A Call To Arms by Laura Jansen Guitar Chords

Intro: G# Fm Cm Bb

[Cm]My love, the drums are [G#]calling

A re[Fm]d sky, a warn[Cm]ing

No sen[Cm]se in hiding from the [G#]front line

It’s b[Fm]een here the whole t[Cm]ime

[Cm]I sleep to keep my m[Fm]ind at ease

I wander through [G#]a dream

Of what I once[Cm] believed

[Cm]No rest until we face the[G#] truth

An[Fm]d draw it to the l[G#]ight

[Cm]This is a call to [G#]arms

Will you [D#]embrace me

Before it’s [Cm]too late, [Bb]baby?

[G#] [Fm] [Cm] [Bb]

[Cm]Take care of all the love you[G#] spend

It’s w[Fm]asting to nothi[Cm]ng

Bewa[Cm]re of wolves who hide their[G#] teeth

They’ll[Fm] take you and leave[Cm] you

[Cm]Should I be like a Russian [Fm]doll?

A statue in th[G#]e cold

As empty as a[Cm] shell

Or m[Cm]ake a final [G#]stand

Go back to what w[Fm]e had

I’m stepping out from my[Cm] defenses

[Cm]This is a call to[G#] arms

Will you[D#] embrace me

Before it’s[Cm] too late, [Bb]baby?

[Cm]This is a call to[G#] arms

Will you [D#]embrace me

Before it’s [Cm]too late, b[Bb]aby?

[Cm]This is a call to[G#] arms

[D#]Will you save me?

Will you save me?

[G#] [Cm] [Fm] [D#]
My[Cm] love, the drums are[G#] calling

A [Fm]red sky, a[Cm] warning

If you wanna study Laura Jansen A Call To Arms guitar chords, you should to look at the 5 major chords, C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. The reason we take all major chords is that the minors of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments. Each one of those minor chords is quite based on its major counterpart.

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